phil1_cropped2 Phil Martens

Phil is the Founder of G-Werx Fitness.  He is a former All State athlete, high school athletics coach, lifelong fitness enthusiast, and earned a Doctorate Degree from the U of M. He is also the inventor of the patented G-Werx machine and developed the patent pending G-Werx Program. He strives to elevate the standards of personal training and has improved the lives of many people just like you!  Phil has conducted over 18,000 G-Werx training sessions with  unsurpassed experience dealing with the many physical issues clients have.  He is known for his unique sense of humor – cracking jokes and delivering one-liners during sessions.  You’ll have fun and be in good hands with him.   Linked In Profile

DSC_9925_Diana2Diana Broschka

Diana is the Co-owner of G-Werx Fitness’s Downtown Minneapolis location.  She co-produced the G-Werx Training manual used for G-Werx trainer development.  She is a golf, biking and hiking enthusiast. Diana is also a Certified Group fitness Instructor, G-Werx Master Trainer and also has an MBA from Lewis University. Her passion for partnering with clients to give them a safe and effective workout has improved many lives and made her a lot of great friends with clients in the process.  Diana has 10+ years experience operating fitness studios, instructing G-Werx Group Sessions and Private Training Sessions.  Diana has 25+ hears business experience in accounting, systems, process and procedures.  Linked In Profile