phil1_cropped2 Phil Martens

Phil is the Founder of G-Werx Fitness.  He is a former All State athlete, high school athletics coach, lifelong fitness enthusiast, and earned a Doctorate Degree from the U of M. He is also the inventor of the patented G-Werx machine and developed the patent pending G-Werx Program. He strives to elevate the standards of personal training and has improved the lives of many people just like you!  Phil has conducted over 18,000 G-Werx training sessions with  unsurpassed experience dealing with the many physical issues clients have.  He is known for his unique sense of humor – cracking jokes and delivering one-liners during sessions.  You’ll have fun and be in good hands with him.   Linked In Profile

DSC_9925_Diana2Diana Broschka

Diana is the Co-owner of G-Werx Fitness’s Downtown Minneapolis location.  She co-produced the G-Werx Training manual used for G-Werx trainer development.  She is a golf, biking and hiking enthusiast. Diana is also a Certified Group fitness Instructor, G-Werx Master Trainer and also has an MBA from Lewis University. Her passion for partnering with clients to give them a safe and effective workout has improved many lives and made her a lot of great friends with clients in the process.  Diana has 10+ years experience operating fitness studios, instructing G-Werx Group Sessions and Private Training Sessions.  Diana has 25+ hears business experience in accounting, systems, process and procedures.  Linked In Profile

Nate Bahr

Nate, our newest team member, is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified G-Werx Instructor, and has a Masters Degree in Applied Kinesiology.  He is a former college athlete and high school athletics coach. He comes to G-Werx, highly experienced, after working many years at the Physicians Neck and Back Center. He is inspired to help people, like you, overcome and move beyond injuries, improve your body, health, and fitness in a safe and fun environment at G-Werx.  Nate is the lead trainer and manager at 4802 Chicago Ave in South Minneapolis.