G-Werx Fitness is Rebranding!

Over 20 years ago we designed and patented our own workout system. To put you at the center of it all. To simplify your strength training. To Resist the lie that more is better. More isn’t better. Better is better. So Resist the calls for comparing yourself. Resist the hype, the gloss, the quick fix.  Resist the negativity of your inner voice.

Resist with us. 

More Isn’t Better.  Better is Better.™


Our Distinction

At Resist With Us (aka G-Werx® Fitness) we specialize in group strength training using our patented and award winning G-Werx System.  The G-Werx Machine is a versatile fitness machine that makes our group strength training method efficient, safe and exceptionally effective for trainers & our client community.  We strive to give clients the results they desire including strength, balance & well being.


Our Training system began in a small studio in NE Minneapolis from 2004-2007.  G-Werx was tested in a commercial gym environment at 501FIT from 2007-2017.  In 2014, a small studio of 1,100 square foot studio was opened in South Minneapolis.  With a 13+ years track record and continuous development, G-Werx Fitness will grow with small neighborhood studios.  In 2023, the rebranding begins!  G-Werx Fitness Studios will become Resist with Us studios and our patented program will the be the Resist Workout Program.  Our patented machine will remain branded as the G-Werx Machine.


Resist with Us provides a platform for clients to exercise safely as a lifestyle! The 1:10 (trainer : trainee) ratios create training efficiencies that allow clients to share cost yet receive ample attention. We provide the best fitness training at the best price so strength training is the fitness foundation for clients.