Resist With Us – S. Minneapolis

G-Werx Fitness is Rebranding!

Sprawling clubs and trendy programs preach a lifestyle of fitness.  All measured by the time and money you spend living their lifestyle. It’s not right.  And it’s time to Resist.  Focus on your own lifestyle and longevity.  Isn’t that what fitness is all about?    We think so.

Resist With Us

More Isn’t Better.  Better is Better.

                                                                                                     SERVICES:  Group & Personal Strength Training                          


820 West 50th Street  Minneapolis, MN 55419   

Phone:  612-345-5455 | Email:   


 Located in the 50th & Bryant business district in South West Minneapolis.  This 1,100 sq ft facility is a street level walk-up studio with a neighborhood vibe.  This studio has 5 Star Reviews and proudly serves a wide range of ages and experience levels.  Prospects welcome to book   Operating Hours:  M, W 6am-11am & 3pm -8pm | TU  6am-9am | TH 6am-9am & 3pm-8pm | F 6am-11am | Other Hours, By Appointment – Click Here